The Hike Age & Myself

The Hike Age serves as a platform for narrating all the amazing travel stories and hiking adventures, that otherwise will be lost in the dust of time. This travel blog is an ultimate antidote for my burning desire to relive the charm of floating moments and serve well the nostalgic times.

The purpose is not only to share the hiking adventures and life above the sea level but this site also serves as a hiking guide and opinion for the people who are in quest of off beat hiking trails and want to avail their time in exploring the best. Let’s do it together!

The never-ending roads,

The musical water streams,
The mountains that are standing high,
The souls I never met,
The smiles so innocent,
The gestures so warm,
All are holding secrets,
That I am yet to unfold
Yes, I am ready and I am coming,
Because inside I am burning,
Finding purpose, questioning reasons,
In quest of peace everlasting,
In the desire of moments worth rejoicing,
Let’s conquer it all,
Let’s set our souls free
Fly higher and embrace the glory
Into the world of enchantment
And the universe of charisma.

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