The Escapers Ambassador Programme
The Escapers Ambassador Programmer is an opportunity for travel enthusiasts...

The Escapers Ambassador Programmer is an opportunity for travel enthusiasts and photographers to go beyond contributing a few clicks to our page or having their photo featured on our social media. It is an opportunity to become a part of our team, to represent The Escapers and to help us grow our community!

Why Become a TE Ambassador?

As a senior contributor & Ambassador for The Escapers you will have access to many amazing perks including:

  1. Feature on Official Page: We’ll add your bio and links to your social media accounts on our official page.
  2. IG Stories Highlight: You’ll be features on The Escapers About Us Instagram story highlight as an ambassador
  3. Instagram Features: Your photo/info/work will be shared with our engaged followers
  4. IG Stories Take Over: Share your stories with our followers
  5. Meet-Up’s & Events: You’ll be encouraged to host the events across all of our social media channels
  6. Content Shared: We will feature articles from your personal blog/page on The Escapers Facebook page
  7. Unique Discounts on The Escapers trips: As an Ambassador you will receive unique discounts on our travel plans/trips
  8. Co-Hosting The Escapers trips
  9. Letter of Appreciation on the completion of 1 year commitment with The Escapers

What are our expectations for our Ambassadors:

  1. Great Photography and Video/images editing skills
  2. Active and adventurous
  3. Content Sharing: Share the stories and posts of The Escapers on your own SM accounts
  4. Advocate for The Escapers: Mention The Escapers and The Escapers gateways on your social posts where appropriate
  5. Mention on your profile/blog: Mention that you are The Escapers Amabassador on your social profile/blog
  6. Active on Social Media Groups and Conversations
  7. Co-Hosting trips and events
  8. Above all: Be an Ambassador for The Escapers and share our community with friends and family!

How to become The Escapers Ambassador and Senior Contributor?

Just drop us your CV at, sample work (if any), and answer the following question in few words:

Why You want to become The Escapers Ambassador? What value can you bring to the team?

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