Sajikot Waterfall - Beauty Redefined
If you are tired of your monotonous routine and cherish...

If you are tired of your monotonous routine and cherish to visit a spot that is neither too dry nor too hot, neither a complete hiking spot, nor a mere plain land; then Sajikot waterfall should be your escape point. It’s located in Abbattobad (KyberPakhtunkha) at a distance of 150 km from Islamabad. The traveling time ranges between 2 hours to 3 hours and it depends on the route you take and the traffic conditions. There are 4 possible routes you can choose from.

Routes to Sajikot

1) Get on the Motorway and take exit on Burhan Interchange, then travel few kilometers towards Hassanabdal and turn on KKH. This route is suitable for you if you are not travelling from Islamabad or Rawalpindi. The road is in excellent condition, but you will have to travel few extra miles.

2) Take a route on GT towards Taxila and turn towards Hattar-Haripur road. The road is in good condition except that there are many speed breakers.

3) The shortest route is from GT road and continue towards Khanpur — Haripur road before Taxila. However, the roads are not in good condition

4) The fourth option is to continue on GT road and take a turn on Hassanabdal. This is the suitable route for you if you are travelling from Rawalpindi or Islamabad. Also, the construction of Taxila underpass has made it a preference for the travelers of the city.

Best time to visit Sajikot:

Now you have gathered enough information on the routes and the location. You better decide when is the right time to soak into the exciting experience that is worth taking a break and embrace the natural beauty that you always cherished to be surrounded by.

I visited the place in mid October, since the pleasant weather conditions with average temperature of 73°F and just the right amount of humidity in the air makes October the best time of the year to visit Sajikot.


· Put on sneakers, because you will have to hike through the steep mountainous path ending at waterfall lake. I remember one of my friends came wearing a casual sandals pair, and unfortunately the shoes were broken immediately in the hiking efforts.

· If you are visiting the spot on a tight schedule, then do take some snacks or sandwiches along because I could not find anything nearby except a goat came wandering around, and I had to offer my food instead.

· The lake is at its maximum depth just near the waterfall, so avoid going there if you are not good at swimming.

· There are some “dhabas” near sajikot that serve you the tea you need to savor to combat the fatigue of the trip.

· There is a petrol pump nearby i.e. Khuda Hafiz Sajikot Stream petrol pump where you can refill the engine, so don’t worry about the fuel meter reading.

· If you plan to stay overnight, here you can find some reasonable hotel deals.

My experience:

1_tuIohaifbGlu_yw9JhiX1QI shared a couple of things above, but overall the trip to Sajikot was one of the breathtaking experiences so far! It was my last year at university and second last semester when I visited the place with my whole class. I was completely captivated by the awe-inspiring beauty of Sajikot waterfall. It was just a splendid feeling when the cold water hit my feet and reenergized me after the tiring efforts of climbing down the hill. Sajikot, a small and cool visiting spot but it has it all that you need for a break!

Note: Pakistan is a land of natural beauty. Sajikot is one of those places that you desire to visit for a family picnic or a formidable trip with friends. So, explore and amuse yourself. Richness gained by travelling experiences is irreplaceable.

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