Ramkot Fort-Exotic Remains
If I were to describe Ramkot Fort in one word...

If I were to describe Ramkot Fort in one word then that would be picturesque. It’s an ancient fort located in Mirpur district of Kashmir besides Mangla Dam at a distance of110KM from Islamabad, and 15KM from Mirpur city. It serves as one of the famous visiting attractions for the people who have an interest in architecture and photography.

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Ramkot Fort

This historical landmark is situated at the top of hill, and surrounded by River Jhelum waters which further adds to its scenic beauty and presents a majestic quaint view. However, it’s not that big, and has nothing much left since major part has been decayed over the years owing to negligence and zero restoration efforts. Yet, the remains are exotic and present a beholding sight overall,especially the aerial view that can be captured from summit.

I recently visited this geographical history over a weekend among my friends (in early December). It was a one-day escape, and we traveled all the way from Lahore to Mirpur. It took us almost 6 hours. Our destination point was Mangla Water Sports Club which falls under Army regulations area. Here we had a short refreshment break, and we continued towards the water banks for boating. It further took around 20-30 minutes via boat to reach the base point of Ramkot Fort from where it resembles just like a magical castle of a princess in hiding.

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Stairs leading to Ramkot Fort

Well, it’s not only long journey by road, and shipping distance, but we also had to hike for another 30 minutes to embrace the beauty that awaited us ahead. It sounds tiring, but trust me, it was not at all exhausting,rather an adventurous trip even on the way back.

What Ramkot has to offer you?

Since, there is nothing much to explore except giving the hilly place one round to explore and make stories of your own since there are hardly any descriptions about its architectural background. But yes! The air in exhilarating sight of the stony walls standing tall above the enchanting blue waters with a little touch of distant greenish trees is worth inhaling! It’s one of those calm points where you find less crowd and contemplate the nature’s music. Its richness lies in its history, distance, height, and serenity.

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View from top of Ramkot Fort

So, yes if you are fond of photography or photoshoot or you fancy ancient spots, then a tour to Ramkot Fort is not going to disappoint you. You can capture the best of sceneries in your frame that you will always cherish.

Adding to this, you can also savor the splendor served by the rafts. It surely is an amazingly romantic experience to have a joyous meal in well-lit raft amidst the tranquil waves under the shining stars in open sky,while breezing air rushes through your body once in a while and you continuously seek warmth.

Important Tips

Do consider the following tips when you plan to leave your footprints on this spectacular landmark.

  • Leave early in the morning, so you are able to reach there before 2:00 PM since the boating facility is available until 4:00PM
  • Carry some good trekking shoes along with you. Wonder why? Even though it’s a 30 minutes hike but believe me, you are going to get yourself thrown into the deep water as the sloppy hill is muddy and thus too slippery as you get off the boat and start climbing. However, you find proper stairs as you progress upwards, but only after you successfully pass through the terrible muddy patch of the trail.
  • Keep your water bottle along since you won't find any shop over there.
  • Do have some chocolates for instant energy. It really boosted up my energy level at a point.
  • If you are planning to spend more than an hour or so, do inform your boat skipper so he does not have a feeling that you are lost somewhere. You would actually be stuck there if he leaves without you since the mobile network signals don’t find any good strength over there.
  • Travel with a group of friends if you are bored easily when alone as this could be a great meditation point for many who are loners.
  • Above all, carry your license and identity along with you otherwise your plan could be spoiled since the check-post security at Mirpur does ask for it.
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Ending Notes

Going through my bumpy life, I made another refreshing memory worth recalling.
Make sure you too have enough memories that make you smile when nostalgia hits you!

"We remember the moments, not days and months."

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