Liberty Market – Shopping, Food, and Fun
Liberty Market is a grand shopping place in Lahore near...
Liberty Market is a grand shopping place in Lahore near Gulberg II. It's not any mall, but a hub of many brands and local shops that sell all the flavors to meet diverse tastes. It is famous for shopping of any kind, may it be casual wear, party dressing, traditional clothing or wedding costumes you can find variety in both stitched and unstitched forms. Not only this, but it also offers you various spots for shoes, jewelry, and matching such as stallers, shirts, trousers, scarfs, and so on.
It's a long and wide pathway that keeps you enticing as you walk by the shops and the stalls. You are often attracted to many vendors that are roaming around displaying either fancy sunglasses, decoration pieces, and trending fashion at a reasonable price. This market also houses the famous khussa shop and dupatta gali that are renown for promising quality and desired taste. Overall, I love this market and this is my go-to place for shopping for many reasons including the availability of trendy fashion, comfortable mobility, and different food spots. I often roam around to check in what's new and partly because it's curvy pathway always attracts me and it's one of those places where you can kill your time easily in case of boredom. The good thing is that this long walk doesn't let you starve since you'll always find something to suffice your hunger such as fries, sweet potatoes, corn, pakoras, chaat, fast food, and fresh juices. And yes, if you are taking children with you, you can find activities for cheering them up such as a ride on remote controlled-car or buy them lightened balloons, or have them take a picture with the people dressed up in fun costumes; and yes kids love cotton candies which can be easily spotted anywhere there.
Rainbow face spotted in Liberty
If you want to go shopping, I'd suggest you visit Liberty Market in daylight or before the sun-sets since you can have a clear look on what's on the stalls, on road-sides and whatever is being sold outside the well-lit shops.

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