Exploring E11- Cozy Night Out
I have been to Islamabad many times and this time...
I have been to Islamabad many times and this time stayed at a friend's in E-11. It's a silent place just like the rest of the city. There is peace and people usually don't stay out till late hours. So, that makes the roads empty and it presents like a scene of some romantic movie. Well yes, if you fancy walking out on the road in peace, then Islamabad roads are waiting for you. But be careful of dark areas where there could be any harm, especially for loner girls or women.
black rock 2
Black Rock Cafe-E11
While I was there, I had a chance to explore the area a bit, and I loved walking alone in street lights since I was going to meet a friend in a cafe nearby i.e. Black Rock Cafe. Its entrance is like that of any bar's and the ambiance like that of some pub they usually show in Hollywood movies. The colorful lights and the slow music had me though. It was certainly not a place for a girl to hang out alone since the people who visit such places usually do drugs or sheesha. It was not a family place. Yes, you could visit among your friends but make sure you take someone bold with you.  If you like the party scenes, dim lights, and can bear the smoke then this place is for you. The sad thing is they don't have tea on their menu. The soup was also just okay. The good thing is it's a well decorated and comfortable cozy place served by humble staff. Furthermore, there is a pharmacy and ATM facility in the nearby market since Black Rock Cafe does not accept credit cards. I spent only 40 minutes there since it was late at night and the environment was so cozy that it made me even sleepier. If you are party people, go ahead and enjoy your time. I will suggest visiting at late hours. If you want some decent place where they have the main sitting area free from smoke or so, then Chaye Khana in F-11 is your goto place.

There are no good or bad places, but your thoughts.

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