Eagles Nest – Best Camping Site For A Ravishing Sunrise
Ain't it somewhat dreamy to stand at a gigantic historical...

Ain't it somewhat dreamy to stand at a gigantic historical stone and find yourself amidst the magnificent peaks, while the whole world seems to be resting away down in the deepest of valleys? Yes, this might sound like a fantasy, but you can actually make it feel real when you are at Eagles Nest.

Eagles Nest is not a name of some royal eagle's napping point. It's an ever amazing view point in Duikar, Hunza which lets you capture the beauty of multiple famous peaks including Golden Peak, Rakaposhi, Lady Finger and other snow capped mountains in one frame of 360 degrees.

Located at a height of 10,000 feet from sea level, it is not a big place, but spacious enough to have 100+ visitors, at a time, cherishing the phenomenal sunrise or magical sunset. It is easily accessible from Karimabad at a distance of 30 minutes drive but a challenging one because of dangerous turns.

Sunrise and Stay at Eagles Nest

If you want to see the sunrise at Eagles Nest, you have the options to either stay at a lavish but expensive hotel such as Eagles Nest Hotel or opt for camping. There are other 3 stars and 4 stars hotels as well.

However, if you want a budget friendly, yet joyous experience I suggest you go for camping. The amount you will save can be used for bonfire 😀 I was happy to have opted for a camp, although it was shared by 6 people i.e, all of the fellow females. It was big and cozy inside. I only napped for a while and spent the whole night at one of the huge stones with my friends at Eagles Nest View Point. We spent time talking lame jokes and and all the bullshit we could talk about until we saw the first ray of the sun striking the "Golden Peak." As the time passed by, the peak started to shine more and more, and the tourists started flooding in to cherish this view and take pictures.

Trust me, that was the best night and best sunrise I had ever enjoyed in my entire life. It is still blossoms sometimes in my memories.

Sunset at Eagles Nest

If you are short of time and can't afford another stay in Hunza, I suggest you still visit Eagles Nest just before the sunset and plan your trip accordingly. No doubt, you'll find the place swamped in crowd that no stone will be free from people climbing and taking selfies and group photos. Yet, it's worth visiting. It's completely amazing to see how the sun sets behind those white peaks as the ink-ish blue color takes over the sky.

Exploring Eagles Nest

There is nothing much to do at Eagles Nest. It is famous for the dramatically stunning views it offers at the time of sunset and sunrise. You hardly need 2 hours at the place to soothe your eyes and refresh your breaths while climbing multiple stones to have a better view and good clicks.

Down there is a gems store where you can have a look at the precious stones and ornamental jewels. The shops looks appealing in the evening because of the radiating lights.

There are also some shops/stores where you can grab snacks and drinks to eat and drink. So yes, as a visitor or a tourist this place will never disappoint you.

Points to Remember

  • Make sure you are visiting the place in bearable temperature i.e, neither too hot nor too cold. The best time to visit Hunza is late summers (July - mid September), early autumn (September - October) or late spring (early May).
  • Take a jacket or wind break along with you because it's usually breezing over there.
  • Take something along to drink to keep yourself hydrated because once you are up there you don't wanna come down just for the sake of water or so.
  • Wear the shoes that don't slip because the 5 minutes elevation is all mud on a slope 😀
  • Don't take along any loud speaker or audionic device emitting songs at a higher pitch because the guard will come over and will make you either turn it off of go back. -_-
  • Be extremely careful while you climb the stones, one slip can make you pay for the rest of your life.
  • If you are just visiting, arrive early so you can get a good parking spot without blocking any traffic.

My Experience

I find the magic in the name "Eagles Nest" itself . I have seen those ravishing peaks in the sunset and in the sunrise with my naked eyes. I have spent a whole wonderful night on the huge stone and witnessed the sky as it bears different shades of blue in the cycle of one day. I have spent early morning wondering about the small caves beneath the stones. I have climbed that place in evening to seek serenity amidst the crowd. Eagles Nest has allowed me to be a complete wanderer. It has served my wanderlust in an astounding way. It has stretched my vision beyond "beauty" and "love."

Travelling helps you unleash your potential of which you would remain unaware otherwise.

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