Coke Festival – Where Flavors and Music Resonate with Your Desires
Sponsored by Coca-Cola, this mega food and music festivalgot amazing...
Sponsored by Coca-Cola, this mega food and music festivalgot amazing response from the public this year that around 50K plus peopleattended this 3-days event. Since the media had created too much hype about it,and I was unable to attend it last year so I decided to experience it livebefore I regret about having not been to the nation’s biggest event in my city.So, I just made up my mind and went off in the hope that I’ll get the ticket onspot.
Coke Festival - Lake City Country Club
Since, the venue was Lake City Country Club, and it took me 1.5 hours to reach there. By 7:00 PM I was there, and to my surprise there was too much public already there. The parking spots had no space left at all, and people had parked their cars on the side-paths which was clear sign of their desperation about the forthcoming fun. Well, after several tries me and my friend were able to locate a parking spot and from there walked towards the entrance gate. So, the first lesson learnt was: Arrive early for hassle-free parking, and also the crowd increases as soon as the evening sets in.  
After that we needed to buy the tickets which was another big challenge. The ticket booths were so crowdy and busy that long queues of people waiting for their turn were becoming difficult to manage for the security there. People were pushing each other making their way through the crowd to get into the queues. The slightly good thing was that the queue for ladies was separate and luckily, I got the tickets early because of a kind gesture of one of the guards there who offered me to bring the tickets himself, and the people in ahead and behind me envied me with jaws dropped. Trust me I felt very special at that moment. Anyways, that was just one of those things that usually happen with me, may be because I am usually found alone in crazy places. So, the 2nd lesson learnt was: Always buy tickets ahead of time to save time for the actual fun instead of standing in long waiting queues, especially for an event as grand as this was. Now we had the ticket bands, and the next bigger challenge was to get pass by the entrance gate into the ground where everything was happening and we could listen the loud music outside. This was another trial for us as everyone wanted to go first and to my disappointment there was only one entry point. It was one hell of a terrible experience, as I had to push myself through the suffocating crowd. So yes, the lesson number 1 holds for this situation as well i.e. arrive a little early because the majority starts populating in the evening hours.
Entrance - Coke Festival
Finally, the wait ended and we found our way into the main venue. That was actually a moment of sigh as the patience was well tested. The place was well decorated and brightened up by colored lights. Further, there were food stalls everywhere. You could see the variety in everything. From tea stalls to fast food to desi food to continental & Thai flavors to juices to variety in sweets and what not! There was almost everything. You name it, and you’ll find it somewhere if you visit the stalls all around the lake. The prices were reasonable too, and some of them even offer you to taste their menu special for free. I was excited when the stall vendor asked me to try gollgappa for free. To my amusement, I said yes and it was the yummiest of the things I tried over there. Tip number 3 would be: Don’t just have enough of anything. Try more in small quantity. That not only allows you to savor the variety but also suffice your hunger. Sharing is always a good option if you are in groups or even in pairs.
Farhan Saeed  performing at Coke Festival
The next biggest temptation about coke festival is always the musical concert where different singers are invited to uplift the environment. The whole lake city was resonating with the musical beat and people were dancing like crazy. So, that was one of the places where you could go crazy and nobody will say a thing. It’s better if you are near the stage only when you feel motivated enough to express your madness. Another tip would be: stay away from the dense crowd if you feel suffocation, or if you want to leave early as it becomes almost a challenge to make your way through the group where everyone else is lost in his/her own passion for the dancing floor.   Further, there are less noisy tracks and sitting area as well where you can walk or sit around the lake to eat or to talk from distance that you are audible to each other. While I was there it actually felt as if the serenity had a background music, to which lake water was complementing by its stillness while the fountains were creating steady ripples on its surface that shined by the reflection of lights. It was a pleasant sight to behold on a find musical night.
Lake City Country Club
Well, it was one good night in open air that had the charming view of hanging lights, with the aroma of deliciousness in the air, and fine music to the ears. Coke festival attracts the people for two major reasons and music which serve the biggest temptation for the Pakistani Nation, especially Punjabis.  If you are foody or you love music, you can savor all the joy that this festival has to offer you.

Ending Notes

Be it a coke festival or any other event/place that can uplift your soul, try to make the best of it! Though I went through a lot of hassle during the process of buying tickets and entering the venue, yet there were a lot more reasons that absolutely cheered me up! A big shout-out to the reasons that bring happiness!

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