Babusar Top – 360 Degrees Heavenly View And Everything Else To Know About
80KM ahead of Naran, the famous picturesque Babusar pass (also...

80KM ahead of Naran, the famous picturesque Babusar pass (also referred as Babusar Pass) is situated at an elevation of 13,691 ft from sea level. It is the highest point in Kaghan Valley.

Snake Lake - Babusar Pass

The road to the summit is ascending in curves and the aerial view looks so tempting that you enjoy the ride itself. The mountain itself is very rocky but easy to climb. It takes only 30 minutes in favorable conditions and 50 minutes in case of snow to reach the top. It offers a vast landscape intensified with splendid natural beauty and fresh air. Wherever you shift your gaze, you’ll find peaks covered with snow, green tops, and partially snow-capped mountains with small lakes at the bottom. This top has its own way of keeping you engaged with its dramatic scenes all around it.

Babusar Pass

Owing to the increased number of visitors over the year, the foot of Babusar Top is crowded with food vendors and small “dhabbas” where you can get hot tea, coffee, pakoras, French fries and what not. It’s a good point for families especially with kids. But, for a person like me, who prefers nature over anything else, this addition of large number of food stalls has merely spoilt the beauty of the place. It looks more like a local medieval age market in some cold region. I just wish it doesn’t end up damaging the natural environment of the place.

When and How to go there?

This heavenly top is accessible from Islamabad via Mansehra  - Naran route at distance of approximately 343 km (8.5 hours drive).

The route is usually open from May to October and remains closed from November to April because of severe weather conditions and snowfall. It is therefore advised to plan a trip in mid summers and avoid visiting the place in monsoon because the road gets extremely slippery and thus dangerous to travel by. Always check weather forecast while planning your trip so you may not face any hassle.

What to do while you are at Babusar Top?

  • The joy of visiting Babusar Top lies in climbing the peak itself. It’s all about the burning desire to make your way through the chilling air and reach the top. It makes you feel accomplished and you really want to spend some time there to reward your passion with the breathtaking views of entire scenery.
  • Other than this, you can find fun at locating the left overs of the people 😀 Literally, it was funny to find a shoe, a sock and a shirt on the way to the top.
  • Take high volume speakers/audionic device with you if you are music lover. You’ll literally make a life lasting  memory with a flavor of your favor musical beats.
  • Once you return, you can treat yourself with hot tea/coffee and freshly made French fries or pakoras.

Babusar Top

Babusar Top

Tips to remember

  1. Carry a windbreaker even if you are visiting in summer because the air at the top is always cold and rushes through your veins freezing the blood
  2. Visit it in early morning you don’t get stuck in traffic and can capture good clicks in crowd free place
  3. Take water bartle along as you start walking towards the top because you get thirsty as your lips become dry due to cold air
  4. Have at-least 1.5 hours on your clock if you really want to conquer the top and cherish the mesmerizing landscape

My Experience

My experience of Visiting Babusar Top has been splendidly amazing both times I visited. I experienced an amalgam of spiritual and pleasant feelings at this celestial place. For me, it's like a perfect meditation point of isolated monk. It’s small but incomparable challenging hike is the biggest attraction for me. Whenever I recall this place, the whole memory starts playing like a film beginning at the hard rocks; buffering through my small steps with huge efforts made through the harsh cold air in a single parachute jacket with partially opened eyes; and ending at the top with the accomplishment of the passionate tough hike.

Shadow of a Memory at Babusar Top

Shadow of a Memory at Babusar Top

I can still feel the dryness in my throat and thirst of water that I had experienced first time. I can still hear the laughter and chatter with friends as we headed towards the top. I can still feel the cold of the hands we held together to support each other. I can still see our smiles as we made it to the summit. It’s just that I remember every detail of my feelings and the heavenly impact of this fascinating peak had on me. Babusar top is worth all your travelling efforts!

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust

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