All You Need to Know for Climbing 9452 feet tall Mushkpuri Peak
Finally I was able to visit Mushkpuri top this year,...

Finally I was able to visit Mushkpuri top this year, with office trip this time. Basically, it was a one day planned trip from Lahore to Mushkpuri. It's almost 9 hours drive from Lahore and could be 10 hours if you make more than 2 stops.

Refreshment Breaks on the Way

Here are some places we made stop at before we set off for hike:

  1. Bhera interchange (170 km from Lahore)
  2. Bara kahu toll plaza (6.9 km from Islamabad)
  3. Galiyat Hotel at Dunga Gali (almost 2.5 hours drive from Bara kahu i.e, 650km
  • Bara Kahu Toll Plaza
  • Outside Galiyat Hotel

There are basically two trekking paths you can take once you reach Murree as I mentioned in my previous blog. One is from Nathia gali, and the other is from Dunga gali.

The trek dunga gali takes almost 1.75 - 2 hours to reach the Mushkpuri top which stands 9400+ above sea level . The trail through dungla gali is smaller but challenging as compared to the one from Nathia Gali which is longer but easier.

Important Tips

  • Take small steps, less water and a hiking stick if you don't want to exhaust yourself and reach early.
  • You don't need to worry about the stuff to carry along. The hiking sticks are provided on rent for Rs.50 there. Also, the locals sell water, cold drinks and snacks at some points on the trek.
  • Do carry your shades, T-Cap and sunblock to prevent from UV rays.
  • The trail is stony but not difficult, yet you need to pay attention to your shoes while you prepare your backpack. Keep diggers along or have shoes that don't slip.
  • Visit in spring or late autumn if you are hiking first time. Since snow is another challenge, but amazing one 🙂
  • Distant View of Mushkpuri Top
  • Dunga gali Trail

Fun Things To Do

It might seem merely a rough hiking trip to Mushkpuri top, but there are actually some fun things to do there:

  • Horse riding
  • Photography in scenic beauty
  • Relaxing in breath taking views
  • Fun games like Mafia or Taboo cards if you are travelling in group
  • People even take sheesha along to smoke in fresh air 😀
  • Horse Riding at Mushkpuri
  • RT Geeks

For more information on best times to visit, you might want to have a look at my previous trip to Murree.

Posing outside Galiyat Hotel - Dunga gali
It's worth travelling for a hike to Mushkpuri. A perfect one day escape for refreshment you deserve 🙂 Let's give ourselves a little break and rejuvenate our souls.

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