A colorful roadside memory- All you need to know about Street Art Competition
This year I had a chance to fulfill another wish...
This year I had a chance to fulfill another wish from my "to-do list". Yes, I wanted to participate in wall painting activity to create an actually colorful memory. So, me along with my friends registered in a street art competition 2k19 organized by the team of Artistan. These competitions are held every year across the country. The sole purpose of this initiative (started in 2009) is to eradicate wall chalking and reform the walls of Pakistan. So, in this manner you don't only get to have fun with real paints but also contribute to the revolutionary mission of sending a message of peace and optimism to the nation and visitors. FB_IMG_1554931289547.jpg If you are fun lover, a good painter and hold a passion for your land then Street Art Competition is another platform to serve your country.

Points to consider

While you plan to take part in street art, you need to take some important points into consideration.
  1. Make sure you are not allergic to paint and chalks. This is the most important point since there is no other choice. Most of don't realize what allergies we have unless we are exposed to vulnerabilities.
  2. Watch out for important dates: Registrations remain open for a very short period of time due large number of participants. So, keep an eye on the facebook posts and events of the page.
  3. Opening ceremony: Do attend the opening ceremony as you will receive important instructions about the big day.
  4. Early submission of sample for approval: With registration, you have to submit a sample of your drawing that you'll be painting on the wall. This has to be approved by the committee first. So make it as early as possible so you have time to change it or submit a different one for any reason.
  5. Follow the theme: The theme is always Vector. Majority of us don't know what it actually is. So please take note that it's a drawing with a focus on bigger picture that can be recognized from a distance and can be able to reflect the concept to the passers by. It means you don't need to work on minor details. It also saves your time and efforts.IMG_20190324_174733.jpg
  6. Frequent updates and team lead: Once your sample is approved, your team lead is added to a whatsapp group of participants for important notices. The team lead also receives email about the opening ceremony instructions, and later about the wall number allotment. So, have a team lead who is active on social platforms to not miss any updates about the event.
  7. Your wall: Each specific team is allotted a specific wall number. This information is delivered to you a day or two before the event.
  8. Follow the timings: It is highly advised to follow the timings strictly otherwise you'll have to leave your wall half unpainted which will ruin all your dreams of picture of colors.FB_IMG_1554931020605.jpg
  9. On the day of event: Arrive as early as 8:00 AM so you can finish in daylight. Also bring water bottles along with you so you don't get dehydrated. And yes, don't worry about the photos if you can't take it yourself on that day since the organizer will be hiring professional photography services to cover the event. They also capture each participant team's photo along with its wall. Cheers! 🙂
  10. Competions for Your Art Work: Once you become a part od Street art competition, you can participate in small competitions such as best Vlog, most creative photo, and most liked picture.
  11. Closing Ceremony: Don't leave the whatsapp group right after the event day because you will be informed about closing ceremony date, timings and venue. It's always good to know who wins 🙂

It doesn't matter if you win or lose when you know the art of embracing happiness! Yes, it comes by giving.

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