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With its undefined and ever desired tranquility, it beautifully balances...
With its undefined and ever desired tranquility, it beautifully balances your excitement with the heartfelt peace you always need. It holds such a spellbound magic in its abode that keeps you wondering what exactly is the reason for all the fascination you are dwelling into. Since it offers you the combination of the breathtaking view of far-fetched snowy peaks, wild trees with dangling branches, sloppy yet carpeted routes and water streams that fill in the air with all the enchanting sounds in such an amazing way that you want the time to stop and stay in it for longer than you came for.  


At an elevation of 7,788 meters, this beautiful chain of Karakoram mountain range is located in the middle of Nagar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan. On you trip to Gilgit Baltistan, from Rakaposhi view point you can take a route on Karakoram highway to visit Pak China Border, and Attabad lake to cover all the visiting points while you are set on to make some good memories.

Best time to visit

If you are not setting out for trekking, and merely going for sight-seeing then you don’t need to worry about it. But as you will be covering other places while you are your trip, then the time between late summers and autumn is the best time to witness the exquisite beauty. Since winters will not let you step outside your hotel room after sunset. And trust me spending nights out, near the water stream at Rakaposhi viewpoint has all the charm and completes the meaning of “visiting Rakaposhi viewpoint.”

What you can do there

Well, if you are traveling with friends or family, you can carry some card games or board games along with you to have fun when you are done with your meal or dinner since there are as such no activities offered for the visitors. You can visit nearby stores for either window shopping or shopping stones, jewels, warm caps, and look for traditional fashion in clothing. You can rejoice yourself with hot drinks such as tea, coffee, and green tea. At this place, I finally had the fulfilling tea of the taste I wanted so long in my entire trip. Additionally, you can double your joy with BBQ taste in an open café which offers you the biggest temptation by its smoke that runs your cravings wild. I stayed at Rakaposhi Paradise hotel, and there was a dramatic water stream under the bridge that has open resting spots with romantic lights where you can spend hours, listen to the serenity, and enjoy the company of your friends or family. Believe me, it’s splendor is incomparable with the warm bed waiting in the room you rented.


  • Keep yourself in good mood and your company to have the best of the experience since it’s a calm place which can intense your emotions either happiness or sadness.
  • Carry some snacks along to fill in the idle moments
  • Bring cards or chess or some musical source to double up your excitement
  • Plan some games to spend time while you are there
  • DONOT sleep at night, you’ll miss most of what Rakaposhi has to offer you.

My experience

It was another treat for me after camping at Fairy Meadows. I spent two beautiful nights at Rakaposhi viewpoint, and these memories are irreplaceable. Trust me, if memories were to be sold, then I would treasure them most and won’t sell them at any cost. This place had no such activity like hiking, rafting, or any outdoor games, yet it gave me the best of the time in my 8 days trip to northern Pakistan. I had such an exhilarating experience that the words cannot do enough justice to the live experience. It was like a dream I stepped into and I wanted to stay lost in it forever. My wandering soul, thrilled heart, and peaceful mind had joined in to resonate with the beats of Rakaposhi's serenity.

Bridge over water stream - Rakaposhi (credits: chicinkicks)


Oh, Travelling? Yes, it's healing and exciting, It's thrilling and enticing, yet incomplete without the secrets, that in various ways it keeps revealing.


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