Attabad Lake – A Beautiful Disaster
Attabad Lake – aahh... the very first thing that makes...
Attabad Lake – aahh... the very first thing that makes you crazy about it is the insane color of the water. I had always thought it was either the photography or the video editing skills that made it appear so gallant. But, I was stunned by witnessing the miracle with my naked eyes! I had to take off my sunglasses to make sure if it’s not the shades impact. Bang!  It was a real fantasy! Yes, it’s the beholding magical greenish blue color of the water that overtakes the beauty of the entire landscape. It’s the perfect picture of your ever-favorite spot in dreamland.
Do you know what’s the secret behind this exquisite beauty? It’s the glory of disaster that took place on Jan 4, 2010 resulting in the creation of natural dam due to blockage of River Hunza flow. The massive landslide displaced many villages in Gojal valley in Hunza, and even submerged 19km patch of Karakoram Highway, which eventually stranded the villagers since no food or medicine could be transported for many days, partly because of bad weather conditions. Yes, it’s was an evil catastrophe that buried 20 people, and snatched the happiness of the residents. At the same time, it’s the message of serenity after storm, light in darkness, and hope in despair. You can feel the calmness in the waves, unheard silence in the air, and the magnificence of the peaks that stand tall surrounding it as if they are guarding their beauty they gave birth to, and no beast can dare ruining it.

When and How to go there?

The best time to visit that place is Summers (June – Mid September) or early Autumn. Since there would be no snow and you can have the privilege of touching through the radiating water. Well once you are in Hunza, you can make a night stay at Rakaposhi just as we (me and the travel group) did.  Since Rakaposhi itself offers you breathtaking views, especially if you are staying at Rakaposhi view point hotel.  From there, Attabad Lake is located at the distance of roughly 39km. You can simply take a route on Karakoram highway that runs along the lake and the tunnels, and enjoy your ride on the carpeted road while the beauty in blue awaits you.


It’s mainly a sightseeing place, and not a picnic point so you might not find many activities on the land. However, boating is the only fascinating activity to do over there.
  • Speedboat: Yeah, all the fun lies in boating and that adds to your excitement, especially running a speedboat is the real joy. Since you have a feeling for a while as if you are in control of something that is the cause of admirable turbulence in the mesmerizing beauty.Usually, the owners don’t let you go alone with the boat. A skilled speedboat driver always assists you, plus he can help you have little fun with the waves within safe limits. That’s thrilling if you increase the speed of the boat and ask him to perform some safe stunts. They are very friendly and humble, they won’t disappoint you while they care for your life at the same time. PS: go alone, not in pairs. Just you and the guide - to enjoy the ride since you won't have to sit behind your partner in courtesy 😀 
  • Steering boat: this is steered by a captain, and it’s slow. It’s good if you want to capture goods pictures or make some fun videos while you sail.
In both cases, you are advised to wear a life jacket for life safety; otherwise, you will be fined, or you could be drowned in worse situations.

Tips while you plan your visit

Since it’s a large open place with no shades or sitting arrangements, you should take care of the followings before you set out for your adventures at Attabad Lake.
  • Carry a good sunblock/anti UAV lotion/spray
  • Take a T-Cap or Umbrella for the same reason
  • Keep your water bottle along, you can refill from the lake. The water is drinkable
  • Put some snacks in your bag, since there is just a little dhabba there that offers a few things and at the double prices.
  • Keep your cash along. There is No ATM.

My Experience

For me, it's an exciting glimpse of utopia I ever dreamt of. Besides this, I have no words to explain my feelings for the disastrous beauty that I met. It’s strange, how a dilemma turned into a charming attraction! I would just say while sailing on the surface, you can feel the grief of the depths, the arrogance of the heights, and the mercy of the sky!
It radiates a unique light of hope in combination with the everlasting serenity that you cannot escape even when you say farewell to the waves, letting the beauty rest until you return. Since the water level is decreasing, and it is expected that the lake will not last long and the drowned villages will reappear after some time. Maybe that happens when the tall mountainous knights take their beauty in a safe hiding where no one can disturb her again.  

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